Push it, pull it, or drag it onto the lot, and you’ll get something for it. As one of western Michigan’s top used car dealerships, we offer many options to our customers, and one of them is to give them a fair deal on their trade-in.

Even if your car has your feet dangling through the floorboards like a Flintstones cartoon, it’s still worth something at Express Auto. Even if the only thing the car is good for is using the trunk as a kiddie pool, we’ll still give you something for it.

In addition, you’ll save so much time and bother when you bring your trade-in to Express Auto because it’ll count towards a terrific used car with a free warranty and many other extras. In fact, we can give you more for your trade than you’d be likely to get by selling it to a neighbor or on Craigslist with far less hassle and haggle, and we can have you driving a nicer, newer vehicle in the bargain.

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Any one of our six locations will be happy to evaluate your trade-in and help you find a new ride at a great price. Push, pull or drag it in and we'll still give you something!